Efter Koso Rays kommer då Sokaisi System
Manualen är i originalskick på engelska, med förord och beskrivning av
Armand-Manuel Ratundu.
Sokaisi betyder Elixir of Life, så här förklarar Armand.

Sokaisi means Elixir of Life and I gave this name to this whole system and it is generic
to all my spiritual methods just to reflect their attributes.
All these energies grouped in Sokaisi System represents tools of fine spiritual tuning in
the process of enlightment of any seeker for new spiritual dimensions.
New vibrational and spiritual conditions will need new individuals with increased possibilities
and an expanded conscience.
All these energies are exact instruments for people to become themselves
the future people of the New Era. Each of those energies is particular in its own way of
and requires an individual attunement.
All of them are very friendly and useful. Get in tune with each and make them a regular
basis of your spiritual work.