Detta är en mycket stark energi,med flera initieringar som man kallar in själv.
Manualen är i originalskick på engelska, med förord och beskrivning av Armand-Manuel Ratundu.

Så här beskriver han Koso Rays.
This system is meant for those who want to cross borders and to increase the earth spiritual
level, aware of the transformations we are passing throug.
None of these KOSO RAYS have anything in common or association with any Rays used on the
Planet Earth before.This is not Reiki or any other known healing modality.
All these energies have NO CONNECTION with any previous existing human experiences.
These energies started a major spiritual re-evolution on Earth.KOSO RAYS are protected
from THE SOURCE and therefore the attunements will work only on those with an adequate
spiritual level,witch can be considered as background.